Our success is simple. Yours.

Empowered by winning executives, THE JACE-KELLY Leadership Acquisitions successfully and continually helps our clients and candidates achieve Veni, Vidi, Vici - roughly translated as speed, quality and maximum long term return on investment.

We theorise and apply the strategy of leadership acqusitions - resulting in significant savings and overall competitiveness improvements by refocusing your recruitment resources from the entire organisation to the spotlight of winning executives, whose charisma will in turn help attract, empower and retain their dedicated followers. Eighteen centuries ago, Liu Bei used this strategy to beat Cao Cao - imagine how on one hand 30,000 peasants together with then few best executives can level with a million best trained soldiers on the other hand. THE JACE-KELLY didn't exist then. If so, Cao Cao might have won.

Today our Firm continually supports a lot of entities and people who are determined to win in this important market of Greater China. We see the ultimate winning companies are those with the best leaders.

We are a leadership acquisitions consulting firm (a specialist business) that offers a one-stop strategic partnering service. Clients have engaged us for our consulting competencies on management team analysis, package strategies, executive search, organisation integration, leadership retention and defence strategies against hostile head-hunting. We work very closely with some of the most successful MNCs in several industries like investment, banking, luxury, lifestyle, media, FMCG, energy and electronics. Our analysis works are mainly strategic in nature and we often recruit key executives for IPO projects and AP management teams.

This Greater China region does not lack capital or opportunities at all - but the capable and charming leaders who can deliver confidence and see through success. The three critical elements of money, opportunities and winning leaders form the Golden Triangle of Success. It's our honor to help bridging the current gap.

We define the essence of our duty as: It is not about getting a job from a client, filling the position, or ways of managing it. It's about you and yours. You as a person (can be a client or a candidate) ; the goals, interests and passions that drive you. Your life, family, and business interests - all inextricably linked. THE JACE-KELLY started with a sense of conviction: that our industry could do much better. Having spent most of our working lives in top positions at MNCs, we felt that the crucial importance of genuine understanding to either the clients or the candidates was being overlooked. It has been an exciting journey, and there is much more to come.

Today, we deliver comfort to distinguished clients mostly due to our successes in dealing with sophisticated cases and situations. Among the best performers in this market, we pride ourselves by behaving and delivering what others may only observe and respect. We'd like to invite you to learn more about THE JACE-KELLY and our proud services.

Guan Xi

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We behave and insist our successful values which serve as the Firm's Core in delivering our top quality. Find out more by clicking here.

  • Unmatched Quality, Controls and Comfort. Not only our processes are SOX compliant, our due diligence processes are supervised/conducted by American CPAs. HR matters are fully cross-checked with external legal specialists. We set the highest quality standard in the industry. Our Partners are ex-lawyers and ex-Chartered Accountants. But we promise to take this professional experience further to an elegant and comfortable one for you.
  • China Roots and Insights. Most foreign firms failed in China because they don't understand her. We know the Greater China way for already decades because we were raised in mainland, HK, Macau and Taiwan.
  • International DNA. We live, breathe and communicate across dozens of cultures and nations. Our "international DNA" is caused by the melting pot of our internationally-minded staff from China, Canada, France, Portugal, Mexico, Russia, Australia, USA and others. Our average Consultant has 1.8 nationalities, speaks 3 languages and has lived in 2.6 different countries.
  • Lightning Speed. We set one of the fastest records in the industry. Very often we already act whilst others are just starting their paperwork analysis.
  • Niche of Leaders. We specialise in key executives recruitment. We have access to over 80% of the top elite 5,000 executives in China. We have accumulated such intimate connections that we haven't come across a near match among our competitors.
  • Competency of Handling Sophistication. We have extensive expertise and records of success in handling the most sophisticated cases and people - and our honor to help out. Regarded by many as some of the best headhunters in China, we steer the actions which other firms know as myths.